Classes are back and these students are acing it with heaps of wit and humor. For the students, we know it’s tough balancing academics, extra-curricular activities, social life, and enough hours of sleep. However, cherish every bit of it because you will miss it for sure once it’s over. School is so much fun, and for these guys, funny!

1. When you’re not afraid to be “extra”

Back to School - Group Project

Twitter: @thismarwin

2. When you’re the chosen one

Back to School - Recitation

Twitter: @kimderellaaa

3. When desperate times call for desperate measures

Back to School - Corny Jokes

Twitter: @jaicabajar

4. When you don’t have time for new 1×1 pictures

Back to School - ID Picture

Twitter: @romwellnalang

5. When you just wanted to pay for tuition

Back to School - Cashier

Twitter: @peterpauul

6. When folders were used to cover answers

Back to School - Cover Folder

Twitter: @jerocanlas_

7. When you were too tired from guessing

Back to School - After Quiz

Twitter: @geekaypea

8. When your cramming game is record-breaking

Back to School - Printer

Twitter: @noternest

9. When your parents think you’re making up school requirements

Back to School - Mukhang Pera

Twitter: @kenrusselp

10. When you tried too hard to be noticed by your crush

Back to School - Galawan

Twitter: @jilliangaskarth

11. When you know school supplies don’t grow on trees

Back to School - Stabilo

Twitter: @_jasperocsona

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(Tweets were initially posted at Filipino Tweets That Matter.)


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