New Year isn’t just for parties and fireworks displays. It’s also a time to asses the year that has been and list down resolutions for the next 12 months.

The problem with New Year’s resolutions is the difficulty of sticking to goals and losing momentum in keeping promises. For this, it helps to include easy and doable tasks that are 100% possible to accomplish. If you want to improve your money habits in 2019, here are doable suggestions for your resolutions list:


List down your daily expenses

This is a must especially for young professionals. Have a notebook to record and monitor your where your money goes. This also helps in budgeting and focusing on more important things you need. Checking your list regularly can be a way to prevent you from being bankrupt, especially during “Petsa de Peligro” or the crucial days before payday.

Make a record of all expenses


Save loose change in a coin bank

Coins can literally be a heavy burden on your pockets or in your bags. Every time you come home, make it a habit to put them all in a coin bank. When it gets full, you can donate the amount to charities or add the amount to your PayMaya account! It’s an effortless way to save money where you won’t even feel the difference in your daily budget. 

Shoot loose change in a coin bank


Monitor the cash in your wallet

A bulky wallet is a temptation to spend mindlessly, sometimes out of impulse. One idea is to lessen the amount of cash in your wallet and to bring just a few bills with you. Another idea is to pay cashless using your PayMaya app or physical card! This way, you can just bring your smartphone when you shop and instantly monitor your expenses through the PayMaya app. 

Pay cashless


Always pay bills on time

Remember to pay your bills on time to avoid the unnecessary late fees. With PayMaya, you no longer have to go out and fall in line at payment centers. Using just your smartphone and the bills payment feature of the app, you can now pay all of your household bills in one go. 

Pay bills on time


Save before spending

People are used to saving what’s left of their money after shopping for their wants and needs. This manner will drain your budget and leave you without savings in the end. It’s far better to set aside a portion of your earnings first, and then spend the remaining amount. For example, automatically take 10% of your monthly income and put it in your savings account before anything else. This way, you’re limited to a certain budget and would not be tempted to spend more than you intend to.

Save before spending

Want to add more? Come up with a longer list of achievable resolutions that will attract more abundance in your life. Share your money resolutions with us by tagging @PayMayaOfficial on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 


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