It’s only October 9, so there’s still time to catch up to this year’s #Inktober Challenge, if you want to!

Newbies are always welcome. Get the right materials, and you’re set! We’ve even got a few suggestions on where to begin.



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These may be the most important tools you need to begin. Inktober is all about boldly inked lines and images with optional coloring, so if you need to splurge on anything, let these be it.


Uni Pin Drawing Pens

PHP 17 / piece

Photo courtesy of National Bookstore Online

These come in weights (line thickness) of 0.1 to 1, so choose based on what you’re going to use it for. Thinner lines are often for inking in fine details, while thicker lines are for outlining and filling in gaps.


Dong-A Gel Pen Reg My Gel

PHP 23.75 / piece

Photo courtesy of National Bookstore Online

You may have used these to write in elementary and high school, but they’re also great and easy-to-find option for inking.

Best of all, these come in colors like Sky Blue, Purple, Red, Green, Pink, and even metallics!


Platinum Brush Marker CFW 300 Dual Tip Pen

PHP 27.50 / piece

Photo Link: 

Photo courtesy of National Bookstore Online

One side of this is a brush pen (with a softer, brush-like tip) and the other is a regular marker pen.

Brush pens are versatile. You can play with stroke widths based on the pressure you apply with it against the paper, use its ink to fill in areas quickly (like paint!), or create quick patterns and textures for your background.



Your ink pens may be the most important tools, but paper quality matters, too—especially if you’re creating to sell or display.

Luckily, there are a lot of options available on the market.



Corona Sketch Pad 9×12 24 sheets

PHP 102 / pad

Photo courtesy of National Bookstore Online

If you’re looking for a decent starter pad, you won’t go wrong with Corona. It won’t support watercolor or paints, but most ink pens will show well and won’t bleed.


Canson Sketch Pad 9×12 24 sheets

PHP 85 / pad

Photo courtesy of National Bookstore Online

This pad is ideal for sketching or drawing with pencil or graphite, which is the base of any Inktober work you’ll create. Once that’s done, inking will be a breeze!



Strategic use of colors can work wonders on a portrait. You can choose to fully color something in or highlight some key areas of the photo—which ever feels right.


Dong-A Hexaplus Markers

PHP 238.25 / set

Photo courtesy of National Bookstore Online

These markers aren’t like most marker pens; they provide a matte, non-shiny wash of color from a thinner tip.

You can use them for precision coloring and inking colored lines.


Stabilo Highlighters

PHP 313 / set

Photo courtesy of National Bookstore Online

Highlighters—not just for studying anymore! You can use your trusty Stabilo to color in broader lines, and they come in a large range of pretty colors, including yellow, green, orange, red, pink, and blue.

Lately, the brand’s even made pastel ones in turquoise, blush, lilac, mint, and peach!



Getting into art doesn’t have to be expensive, and joining Inktober doesn’t mean you have to complete the entire challenge. It’s all about having fun.

But if you do want to complete all 31 days, best start immediately. Don’t try to catch up to 10+ days of Inktober in one sitting! (Just don’t.)

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