Budgeting your money is challenging, but it’s even harder to stick to it when you’re shopping and finding things you love. We get you—shopping temptations are everywhere!

Before you go on your next shopping adventure, we’re giving you four tips on how to stick to and manage your budget.


1. Leave your credit card at home

This is the cardinal rule to sticking to your budget when you go shopping. When you have your credit card, it’s too easy to swipe when you see something you like, even if it may not be on your shopping list!

So keep the credit card at home and stay away from temptation! You can thank us later.


2. Prepare a shopping list

Make a list of all the things you need to buy before every shopping trip. When it comes to lists, you just have to remember two things: stick to items on the list, and don’t add any more while you’re shopping! 

Know the difference between wants and needs. If you still have a bag that works perfectly fine, you probably don’t need another one just yet. Remember: A peso saved is a peso earned! 


3. Allot a budget for each item

Once you have a list of items you’d like to buy, determine how much you’re willing to spend for each item on your list.

This way, you’ll have to choose items with reasonable prices so you can buy all the things on your list without going over budget.


4. Just bring the amount you need

It’s advisable to just bring the exact budget you plan on spending when you shop. Without a credit card on hand, having the exact budget on your hands makes it easier to shop wisely.

PRO TIP: Use your PayMaya when you go shopping, and just add the exact amount you’d need so you can avoid overspending. Using PayMaya allows you to track all of your spending through the app! You can also stretch your budget by taking advantage of deals and promos exclusive to PayMaya transactions. Good luck and spend wisely on your next shopping day!

Visit PayMaya.com/deals for the latest promos and tips on how to make the most of your PayMaya.

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